DiaEuro 2016: the draw for the tournament

On Sunday evening the groups were drawn for DiaEuro 2016 in Sarajevo. 

Hungary would reach the final for the fourth time in a row

Tamás Hevesi's team is in the running for the gold medal in Sarajevo as well.


The new team in the competition is Macedonia, meanwhile Kazakhstan does not take part in DiaEuro this year.


The rules of DiaEuro 2016 that is held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

DiaEuro 2015 - final day, results

Results, 6th day

Results, 4th day

3rd day, results

Guess the matches and win!


Guess & win!


Guess & win!


„DiaEuro is a fantastic project” – Dániel Földvári, the team captain of Hungary

Program of DiaEuro 2015


The participants of DiaEuro 2015

Rules of Diaeuro 2015

The official FIFA laws of the futsal game will be aditionally sent to all national teams, participants of Diaeuro 2015. Here are some of the basics, which may be specific for this competition.


Here is the program of DiaEuro 2015:  

DiaEuro 2014 – Final results

Congratulations to Romania for winning this years' tournament and to Team Hungary for the second place and to Team Croatia for bronze medals!

Video: Hungary–Romania 1–1 (3–4 on penalty shootout)

Ciprian Palade is the best player

Ciprian Palade became the best player of DiaEuro 2014

Romania is the European Champion

Romania won the Dia Euro 2014 European Championship after beating Hungary in the final in Balatonfüred.

Croatia won the bronze medal

Video: Hungary–Croatia 3–1

4th day. Quaterfinal and semi-final – results

Hungary–Croatia 3–1 (2–0)

Romania–Portugal 5–3 (3–1)

Pairings of the semi-final

Ukraine–Croatia 1–3 (1–1)

Portugal–Slovakia 1–1 (1–0) – with shootout: 4–2

Hungary–Poland 7–2 (1–2)

Romania–Serbia 8–0 (4–0)

3rd day. Results, final standings, pairings

Uzbekistan–Bulgaria 2–2 (2–0)

Belgium–Ukraine 3–4 (2–3)

Croatia–Slovakia 7–5 (4–1)

Uzbekistan–Serbia 1–6 (1–3)

Poland–Bulgaria 3–1 (0–1)

Hungary–Slovenia 8–0 (2–0)

Russia–Belgium 1–2 (1–0)

Portugal–Ukraine 2–1 (1–0)

2nd day: results and standings

Italy–Slovakia 0–7 (0–3)

Poland–Serbia 3–1 (3–0)

Romania–Slovenia 9–2 (6–0)

Russia–Ukraine 1–6 (0–3)

Portugal–Belgium 4–2 (0–1)

Croatia–Italy 5–2 (2–1)

Serbia–Bulgaria 1–1 (0–1)

Poland–Uzbekistan 8–1 (4–0)

Portugal–Russia 9–0 (3–0)

DiaEuro2014 draw and results

Hungary - Romania 2 - 5 (0 - 4)

DiaEuro 2013

After winning the first DiaEuro in 2012 Croatia decided to organize next years’ tournament in Zadar. The goal was the same: to let everyone know that people with diabetes can be physically active as the healthy individuals and with regular exercises diabetes could be easier to control and manage.

DIAEURO 2012 The International Championship of Mini-football for People with Diabetes

The European football championship EURO 2012 has already attracted attention of the world society to our Ukraine and Poland. Preparing for such a big contest improves infrastructure of Ukraine. That’s why citizens also aren’t indifferent to football and changes.

Getting active and staying active

Being active can make you feel better, reduce your stress levels, keep your weight down and protect your health. Whether you have diabetes, or are taking steps to reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes, there are many reasons to get more active

Healthy eating

No food is out of bounds but food choices are an important part of your diabetes management. Eating a balanced diet – that is fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, non-dairy sources of protein and dairy – is something we should all try to do. It’s fine to have a treat every now and again but the foods you choose are an important part of your diabetes treatment, along with medication, testing and being active.

Diabetes and Sport

Having diabetes needn’t be a barrier to actively enjoying sports and exercise. Diabetic sportsmen and women are common and diabetics have achieved some of the highest sporting awards available on the planet.

‘Eurobarometer’ survey: the challenges of getting Europeans active

Physical activity is beneficial for good health, weight management and prevention of chronic diseases. It is recognised as beneficial to social, emotional and cognitive states. In a move to support and inform European health promotion policy, the European Commission carried out a survey to assess how physically active citizens of the European Union are.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes

Individuals can experience different signs and symptoms of diabetes, and sometimes there may be no signs.


At present, type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented. The environmental triggers that are thought to generate the process that results in the destruction of the body’s insulin-producing cells are still under investigation.

Dániel Földvári: „Our team is a hardcore one!”

Winning the last years’ tournament was a great experience for all of us. We built a real team we made serious friendships with each other. For me this constructive community is the biggest gift of DiaEuro.

Invitation video

See out video

Play with us!

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History of Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is a small town with a population of 13.500. It is an ancient settlement which was already inhabited during the reign of the Roman Empire. Ancient residential districts, old buildings, churches, intimate vineyards, parks and old trees send their message to the people of our present time. Its name was first mentioned in the land register of the Abbey of Tihany in 1211.

What kind of sweetener should we choose?

The most commonly used natural sweetener for sweetening our food nowadays are granulated sugar and honey although now we can choose from various kinds of sweeteners. We do not have to worry if we decide to use sweeteners and no need to expect for any health risks in case of consumption within the acceptable daily intake.

The Development of Sweet Taste

The sense of taste is of immense importance in the lives of animals and humans as it determines food choices and influences the amounts consumed. Taste, in conjunction with other senses, plays a crucial role in decisions about whether a potential food will be accepted or rejected, while ensuring the intake of sufficient nutrients. In humans, taste has the additional value of contributing to the overall pleasure and enjoyment of a food or drink.


It is with a great pleasure, proud and honor that the International Diabetes Federation, European Region supports the DIAEURO event. For us this type of events is essential to empower people with diabetes and to raise the awareness on diabetes.